Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence service requires a deep understanding of core institutional markets and is delivered in close partnership with our clients

What is Intelligence?

Focused on 12 institutional macro, product and market sectors, the Intelligence service is based on annual reports but delivered in close partnership with our clients through bespoke workshops and research on call

Our Intelligence work requires us to truly understand the institutional markets we focus on. We pass on this expertise to provide our clients with the detailed intelligence they need to be successful now and in the future

What are the benefits?

  • An essential source for the identification of buying behaviours, sources of growth, hot spots of demand, forecasts of new asset flows and analysis of distribution channels - enabling retention, sustainable business growth and strategic business development.
  • In addition to reporting on current market conditions, we provide invaluable detailed forecasting and predictive analysis, enabling clients to future proof their decision making on the basis of accurate information.
  • Provides clear and structured market information and analysis for Senior Executives, NPD, Marketing and Sales Teams in their business development and sales decision making processes.
  • No other information is available in the market to match the Spence Johnson Market Intelligence Service

How does it work?

By leveraging the Money in Motion data set, as well as hundreds of other sources, research partnerships and sophisticated models, our Intelligence service identifies trends, challenges and opportunities across distribution, sales, products and competitors

No other data is available in the market to match the Spence Johnson Market Intelligence Service.

In order to provide clarity and focus, we divide our (MI) Service by our 2 Practices, Retirement and Institutional enabling our Team of subject specialists to provide detailed, meaningful expert analysis and commentary.

An example of a Market Intelligence product

UK DC Market Intelligence
UK Defined Contribution is a small but growing part of the UK pensions market. The 2014 Study focused on the impact of an extraordinary year of change in the pension’s world and offered unique data, insights and forecasts. We looked at significant shifts in the market to help our clients understand the often confusing data from different parts of the market.

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Frequently purchased by a variety of asset management business divisions including: NPD teams, research departments and executive committees.