Data Analytics

Our data analytics generate an unrivalled view of institutional markets and clients, backed by a unique datasets

What is Data Analytics?

Our Data Analytics Service is a series of interactive data sets designed to provide our clients with the essential data and intelligence required to manage their businesses effectively and efficiently. Using proprietary data sources we track granular market segments and benchmark our client’s position within them.

What are the benefits?

  • Our robust and reliable data enables our clients to respond to changing market dynamics such as buying behaviours, sources of growth, distribution requirements and client needs
  • It provides actionable evidence to drive effective decision making and develops a true picture of our clients’ market position

How does it work?

We gather sensitive and previously unavailable information from key groups of industry participants, such as workplace and personal pension providers, asset managers, investment platform owners and stand-alone SIPP providers. This pooled anonymous data captures core information and represents a statistically significant sample of contributors.

We provide our clients with analysis and underlying data sets, creating a repeated snap shot over time for comparison.

Our benchmarking analysis enables clients to clearly view and compare themselves within the overall market landscape.

An example of a Data Analytics product

Money in Motion (IMIM)
This powerful new tool for the first time tracks the overall flow of institutional assets under management and then monitors client market share, helping you to grow and measure your business and understands the changing behaviour of EMEA institutional clients.

We collect segregated mandate and institutional pooled fund data from institutional asset managers, to create unique measures of asset flows, intermediary influence and market share, while also tracking the changes in the behaviour of institutional investors.


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