Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting is backed by a working knowledge of the institutional asset management business, and is driven by our data analytics, market intelligence and team of industry experts

What is Consulting?

When seeking professional consultancy services, you need to be sure that you are not only speaking to the right people but that they are also asking the right questions. Spence Johnson is a small team of institutional asset management experts. We understand your business and we appreciate the challenges and complexities of your market. With every client assignment we provide handpicked Consultants with an in depth sector knowledge, guaranteeing that we provide the most insightful and commercial responses and recommendations.

We offer two types of Strategic Consulting Services

Client Research Assignments
Independent research is an important part of ensuring that an institutional asset manager achieves effective client retention. Our Client Research Assignments, (otherwise known as client or strategic partner audits) occur when an asset manager wants to receive feedback on the quality of the client service delivery. We undertake face-to-face or telephone interviews and feed the qualitative and quantitative data into a bespoke Client Assessment Tool (CAT). Full verbatim interview write-ups are also a part of our service as hearing the client voice is vital. Strengths, weaknesses and gaps in service provision are then highlighted with detailed recommendations on how improvements can be made.

Strategic Advisory Assignments
For tailored asset management assignments we appoint the most appropriate Spence Johnson Consultant to undertake a client-discovery process, this ensures that we are fully aligned with your corporate goals. We always deliver clear actionable recommendations using our extensive sector and market knowledge.

What are the benefits?

Clients whom appoint Spence Johnson to carry out Consultancy Assignments, not only benefit from our extensive sector and market knowledge base but they are also tapping into an outstanding Team of thought leaders who have a track record for challenging and altering market perceptions.

Our Strategic Consulting Services are designed to harness and apply our extensive and proven sector expertise to your advantage, in order to help you successfully meet your individual business challenges such as NPD, potential for new market entry, business development strategies and structured client servicing initiatives.

For client research assignments many of Spence Johnson’s clients have sponsored client audits for many years. The key motivation is to enhance client retention rates and improve the client experience.

Market Coverage

Our Consultancy Services call upon our Team expertise, knowledge and insights. We believe that our clients benefit from full exposure to our team. This ensures that we push boundaries and maximise our thought leadership skills as part of every client assignment.

We do not choose to divide this Service across our two business Practices, instead appointing the most appropriate team members per assignment and enabling them to freely draw upon other Team resources as they require.

An example of a Strategic Advisory Consulting Assignment

A global investment company approached us to analyse and evaluate the opportunity for them to launch in the UK DC market. After an initial market review, we conducted a client capability assessment which enabled us to identify the most appropriate opportunities for that client. From these we were able to short list the recommendations to those that were the most commercially viable and specifically the best fit for our client.


Our Consultancy Services are often commissioned by senior executives and research departments.