What is it?

With this Service asset manager clients seek Spence Johnson’s sector expertise to provide strategic advice on a tailored assignment basis. This will entail an element of client discovery, to ensure that our recomendations meet the client’s strategic goals.

Case Study

We were asked to undertake a project to assess and recommend opportunities in the UK DC market. Following four stages, drawing on Spence Johnson’s unique perspective on the UK DC market, the project provided a detailed review of the full range of product capabilities sought by the DC market. Our team then undertook an assessment of the asset manager’s capabilities (investment, distribution, marketing, etc) relative to the market demand and examined how the manager’s current capabilities were leveraged to address the DC market. The project then identified a long list of potential opportunities within the DC market before, in the last stage, evaluating the relative attractiveness of a short list in terms of entry cost, running costs and revenue potential. 


  • We assess your current capability to deliver solutions to the UK DC market
  • We reveal the market’s appetite for those capabilities
  • We highlight the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and issues in your DC provision to assess market readiness
  • Working with market data we provide potential revenue per capability

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