What is it?

  • Ten new DGFs have been launched in the last two years. Competition is intensifying as asset managers are developing new DGF strategies to gain from the surge in assets under management in these strategies.
  • Our 2014 MI Service predicted that in the future, capacity constraints and the emergence of new entrants will drive a more even dispersion of assets within this market. In fact we estimated that the market share of the top five asset managers will fall from 84% of assets to just 57%.

Report coverage

DGF market growth

  • Users of DGFs now and in future
  • Revenues, flows and opportunities from DGFs
  • Development of DGF competition
  • Market shares of DGF providers now and predicted future shares type of DGF fund
  • Make-up of DGFs: asset allocation, benchmarks, other proposition features
  • Selection criteria used for DGFs by intermediaries and buyers
  • DGF library with comparable details of all DGFs

Who will benefit?

Our MI service is designed to assist

  • Strategic planners: Document business plans with facts, figures and market projections
  • Sales and marketing: Identify emerging sales opportunities and demand hot spots
  • Product development: Support product initiatives through market data, analysis and forecasting

Publication Date: Annually

Service elements

This Market Intelligence Service includes the following content:

  • An Annual Report - A 75-150 page document offering core findings on each topic
  • A Data Supplement - Data tables from all charts in the annual report to allow you to recreate for own needs
  • An Audio Summary - A 6-8 minute audio summary of the annual report key findings delivered by the author
  • 2 Client Presentations - 2 presentations tailored to your needs, for each component.
  • Research On Call - Subject matter experts available on call for up to 4 hours per component
  • Intelligence Summary – Investigating patterns across the institutional landscape

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