What is it?

An analysis for the potential of Multi Asset Growth in Asia, focused on demand patterns, future forecasts, and strategic product analysis.

Report Coverage

  • Users now and in future
  • Revenues, flows and opportunities 
  • Development of competition
  • Market shares of providers now and predicted future shares type of fund
  • Make-up of Multi Asset: asset allocation, benchmarks, other proposition features
  • Selection criteria used by intermediaries and buyers
  • Library with comparable details 


Our MI service is designed to assist

  • Strategic planners: Document business plans with facts, figures and market projections
  • Sales and marketing: Identify emerging sales opportunities and demand hot spots
  • Product development: Support product initiatives through market data, analysis and forecasting

Publication Date: Annually

Delivery components

This Market Intelligence Service includes the following content:

  • An Annual Report - A 75-150 page document offering core findings on each topic
  • A Data Supplement - Data tables from all charts in the annual report to allow you to recreate for own needs
  • An Audio Summary - A 6-8 minute audio summary of the annual report key findings delivered by the author
  • 2 Client Presentations - 2 presentations tailored to your needs, for each component.
  • Research On Call - Subject matter experts available on call for up to 4 hours per component
  • Intelligence Summary – Investigating patterns across the institutional landscape

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