What is it?

The UK DB Market Intelligence Service focuses primarily on the private DB pensions market in the UK, the largest pensions submarket by assets, but also provides valuable MI on local authority pension funds.

We forecast how the DB market will evolve as schemes close and solutions like LDI and fiduciary management battle for the DB ‘end game’.

Report coverage

  • Size and forecasts of the UK DB pensions market
  • Segmentation analysis by size and type of scheme to reveal drivers of behaviour
  • Revenues, flows and opportunities for investment suppliers; now and in the future
  • Detailed analysis of DB portfolios and how they’re changing
  • Analysis of the rise of solutions like fiduciary management and LDI

Who will benefit?

Our MI service is designed to assist:
  • Strategic planners: Document business plans   with facts, figures and market projections
  • Sales and marketing: Identify emerging sales opportunities and demand hot spots
  • Product development: Support product initiatives through market data, analysis and forecasting

Publication Date: September 2015

Service elements

As part of this Market Intelligence Service you will receive:

  • An Annual Report - A 75-150 page document offering core findings on each topic
  • A Data Supplement - Data tables from all charts in the annual report to allow you to recreate for own needs
  • An Audio Summary - A 6-8 minute audio summary of the annual report key findings delivered by the author
  • 2 Client Presentations - 2 presentations tailored to your needs, for each component.
  • Research On Call - Subject matter experts available on call for up to 4 hours per component
  • 2 Update Bulletins - 2 short update bulletins delivering research as circumstances dictate in changing markets
  • Key Event Emails - In certain circumstances emails with very short but important information
  • Intelligence Summary – Investigating patterns across the institutional landscape

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