What is it?

Winner of Fund Distribution Innovation of the Year

  • Money in Motion (MiM) is a collective intelligence consortium designed to help asset managers better understand the markets they operate, the clients they serve, and the products in demand.
  • MiM creates unique measures of separate account and pooled asset flows, asset volumes, consultant influence and product specifications. iMiM, for the first time, also provides a true picture of asset managers position in the market and their effectivenes
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Who will benefit?

MiM dashboard benefits

  • Identify and predict institutional demand for product styles, strategies, asset classes and investment destinations. Make critical and costly product development decisions based on reliable and robust data
  • Sales - optimise resourcing decisions by focusing resources and adopting realistic sales targets
  • Marketing - understand the changing behaviour of EMEA institutional investors, adopt meaningful strategies and allocate resources effectively
  • Strategic decision making - move first on opportunities in new markets and product sets, make valuable strategic decisions based on reliable and robust data sets
  • Clients - respond quickly to the changing needs of your clients, identify segments which may be at risk, and marshal resources to maximise retention

MiM benchmark benefits

  • Business Strategy - measure your business alpha. Identify the areas of your business which are outperforming the market in terms of flow and growth, apply resources more effectively and evidence strategic business decisions
  • Product Management - identify products to focus resources on by understanding their position relative to market demand
  • Sales management - shape remuneration levels and structures around more accurate measures of performance
  • Business Management - measure business performance across different products, clients and markets by measuring market share and share of new asset flows

Publication Date: Updated quarterly

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